TTown Tournament 4-4-10

TTown Tournament 4-4-10!
We have the results for TTOWN “benefiting the park” tournament!
Big thanks for Mr. Klimko for making this all happen and being the ever present Momma Bear!


All 14 players from Advanced and Pro were put in the Open category. After Round One we have all the usual suspects competing for top position. The advanced players all being kept in their place by the Pros. So far TTwon seeding top 5 scores. Baby Brown and Eric take the best round scores with 24’s a piece. 8 players over a top three point spread making the game anyone’s at this point.

Open PlayersRnd 1Rank for Round
Dave Brown241
Eric Johnston241
Glen Oliviero241
Kris Klimko252
Mark Vanerus252
Dave “Hank” Stropky263
Dave Houghton263
Mike Graff263
John Silvester274
Lindsay Frison285
Geoff Dyck296
Jerry Burton307
Gary Sharples318


Baby Brown takes the best rounds score with 23. After Round Two things get a little funky. Hank,Glen and Geoff scores 2nd best round scores.  Small victory for foul weather player Geoff going up against the Pros, who was quoted before game play saying “I don’t want to donate my money to Pro”. 😳

Open PlayersRnd 2Rank for Round
Dave Brown231
Dave “Hank” Stropky252
Geoff Dyck252
Glen Oliviero252
Eric Johnston263
Jerry Burton274
Kris Klimko274
Dave Houghton285
Gary Sharples285
Mark Vanerus285
Mike Graff296
John Silvester307
Lindsay Frison338


Round 3 we have Baby B missing the top position for the first time. Eric Johnston takes top score of the round. Geoff eeks out an bare minimum finish to make the top 6 final round…. Seriously!.

Open PlayersRnd 3Rank for Round
Eric Johnston241
Dave “Hank” Stropky252
Dave Brown263
Geoff Dyck263
Glen Oliviero263
Jerry Burton284
Kris Klimko284
Lindsay Frison284
Dave Houghton295
Gary Sharples295
John Silvester306
Mike Graff306
Mark Vanerus317


Final 6 top open players went to the final 9 showdown.

Dave Brown
Eric Johnston
Glen Oliviero
Kris Klimko
Dave “Hank” Stropky
Geoff Dyck



Final 6 top open players went to the final 9 showdown.  Usual pecking order again displayed.

Open PlayersFinal 9TotalPrize $Final Rank
Dave Brown28101651
Eric Johnston28102502
Glen Oliviero28103353
Kris Klimko28108254
Dave “Hank” Stropky33109205
Geoff Dyck30110156
Dave Houghton7
Mark Vanerus8
Jerry Burton9
Mike Graff9
John Silvester10
Gary Sharples11
Lindsay Frison12

Well done Baby B!
Dennis won the Am divison in a play off with Todd.

PlayerRound 1Round 2Round 3TotalPrize $
Denis32293091Won play off25Disc
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