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Latest proposal from Some of the options are for wiping out the forest and replacing with baseball diamonds.

Delta’s tree policy

Metro Vancouver tree canopy in decline: report

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Dear {Insert who You Are Addressing},

I am writing on behalf of the many community members who frequent the Winskill disc golf course and the surrounding green space, which we understand is under threat from the potential new aquatic facility development. This area is a vital part of South Delta, not only for disc golf enthusiasts but also for dog walkers, bird watchers, and families who gather here for picnics. It is a hub of activity and relaxation that enhances our community’s quality of life.

As South Delta experiences rapid population growth, the demand for housing is understandably increasing. However, it is crucial to assess the long-term impacts of losing such a valuable green space. Once this area is developed, the loss will be permanent, denying current and future residents a much-needed natural retreat within our urban environment.

The preservation of the Winskill disc golf course and its green space is essential for maintaining community well-being. These areas are not just amenities but are necessities that provide significant health, social, and environmental benefits. Green spaces help reduce urban heat, improve air quality, and offer opportunities for physical activity and stress relief.

Moreover, these settings play a critical role in fostering social connections and inclusivity. They are places where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can come together, creating bonds that strengthen our community’s fabric.

Given these points, I respectfully urge you and the city council to reconsider any development plans that would encroach upon the Winskill disc golf course and its associated green space. Instead, let us explore alternatives that accommodate growth without sacrificing our cherished natural landscapes.

Thank you for considering this matter. I am hopeful that with community engagement and thoughtful planning, we can find a solution that balances development with the preservation of our green spaces, ensuring South Delta remains a vibrant and livable community for generations to come.

{Insert Your Name}

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